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How to Consign

 Our Consignment Process:

  • Consignment is by appointment only.
  • To open an account, at least eight items are needed to be accepted with the exception of luxury designer items. Therefore, on your first appointment, a minimum of 15 pieces is required with a maximum of 25 pieces.  Not all items may be accepted, so we just want to make sure your visit to the boutique is successful for you.  
  • All first time consignors are required to send photos of their items via text message to (516)-727-2704. This is to ensure that items brought in are the right brand, style, and condition for the boutique.

  • All clothing items are to be brought in on hangers (which will be returned at the time of the appointment. We will not accept folded clothing or items brought in garbage bags.

  • The consignment cycle is for 60 days.
  • We offer 40% of the sold price, with the exception of luxury designer items, which we offer 50% of the sold price.
  • Lucky Finds Boutique will price your items and will process markdowns within your consignment cycle.  If you are looking to receive a specific value, this must be discussed during your appointment.
  • We charge a $ .50 prep fee for every item consigned.
  • We pay our consignors in the form of a store credit as soon as merchandise has sold OR a check once the consignment cycle has ended. 

 Merchandise we Accept:

  • Tops, Jackets, Skirts, Coats, Dresses, Handbags, Wallets, Belts, Scarves, Hats, Small Accessories, Shoes, Pants & Active Wear (only unworn with original price tags), Luxury Jewelry, we buy out costume jewelry 
  • Designer labels, name brand and trendy boutique brands for the current season (refer to our Brands We Love section)
  • Pristine, laundered and wrinkle-free clothing
  • Clean and polished shoes and handbags
  • Merchandise purchased within the last 3 years or less
  • Eclectic, Unique and one-of-a-kind items
  • Authentic only 
  • Seasonal merchandise (refer to Seasonal Schedule below)

Merchandise we do Not Accept:

  • Gowns, pants & active wear (unless brand new with original price tags attached), high heels (unless luxury designer), maternity, pant or skirt suits, business wear  bridal wear, bathing suits, sleepwear, lingerie, under garments, household, men’s, and children’s items
  • Merchandise will not be accepted with stains, tears, holes, and pilling, broken zippers, missing buttons, deodorant marks, pet hair, odors or clothing that has been worn and not washed. 
  • Scuffed shoes or handbags, no shoe pads or worn inner soles
  • Folded clothing or anything brought in garbage bags will not be reviewed.
  • Merchandise older than 3 years

Seasonal Schedule:

  •  Spring/Summer Season: February–August  
    *Acceptance of white pants or linens starts in April
  • Fall/Winter Season: August–February 
    *Acceptance of wool, cashmere, coats, or furs starts in late September 
  • We only accept in-season merchandise

Top 6 Things to Double Check for a Successful Appointment:

  1. Items are in excellent brand new condition, no signs of wear or stains
  2. Clothing has been washed; dry cleaning bags have been removed 
  3. Shoes and handbags cleaned and polished; all stuffing out
  4. Clothing items are on hangers and wrinkle free
  5. Items are the current season and within the last 3 years
  6. You have reviewed our Brands We Love list, including ones we do not accept

Appointment Time:

Parking can be a little challenging, since we are by appointment we do ask for our consignor to arrive on time so it does not interfere with our next appointment.  If you are running late we appreciate if you can call us.

Have A lot of Items:

Avoid multiple trips to bring items in on your appointment, pull up by our back door and bring items in before you park, we can assist you; Please do not park in the small lot, it is not our parking lot.

Consignor Payment:

Consignors have two options of payment; Monies earned accumulate in your account as items sell and remain on your account until you apply them as a store credit toward a purchase or request a check after your consignment cycle has ended.

Checks with a minimum of $20 or more are cut upon request after your consignment cycle has ended, Mon-Fri, store credit can be used at any time you have a balance on your account. Please note: if you have a few consignment cycles at the same time, your check will reflect what has been sold up to the point check is issued.

Checking in on Your Account:

If consignor is curious how their account is doing, please wait a few weeks for items to sell and call us Monday-Friday, we will be happy to review your account with you!