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Consignment Agreement

At Lucky Finds Boutique (hereby referred to as LFB), it is important for you to understand the agreement you are signing with us.  You'll be asked to sign the contract the first time you consign and this covers all future items as well.  If any changes are made to the contract, you may be asked to sign a new one OR a policy change amendment.

Consignment Process: 

Lucky Finds Boutique, LTD (referred to as LFB) consigns consignor's items for 60 days.  At the conclusion of the 60-day consignment cycle, there are two options for unsold merchandise:
  1. Consignor may reclaim unsold items on the expiration date given at the time of the appointment.  A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to pick up these items.  Due to the limited amount of storage space, items which have been pulled for pick up and remain 5 days after their expiration date, they will automatically be donated, or
  2. Unsold items may be forfeited where they become the sole property of LFB.  Items will be forfeited exactly one day after the expiration date if consignor has not requested them back.  It is the consignor's sole responsibility to contact LFB prior to that date.  Please note: merchandise will be forfeited on the 61st day.

If merchandise is found to be flawed after the second review, it will not be eligible for sale during the consignment cycle and consignor will not be notified.

LFB reserves the right to pull an item off the sales floor at any time.

LFB prices all merchandise.  If there is a specific amount the consignor is looking to receive for an item, this must be discussed at the time of the consignment appointment.

Periodic markdowns will be done during the consignor's 60-day consignment cycle.

Payments & Fees:

Consignors receive 40% of sold price for merchandise with the exception of select luxury designer handbags, shoes, wallets and jewelry.  For these items, consignors receive 50% of the sold price.

Payouts are issued in two ways:  Consignor can keep the money earned on account as a store credit to purchase merchandise from the boutique or consignor can come into the boutique and request a check after their current consignment cycle, if the account has a balance of $20 or more.

A $1 check processing fee will be deducted from account balance for each payment made.

Checks not cashed will be void after 90 days and will not be re-issued.

If a consignor's items need to be prepped for the sales floor, LFB charges up to $2 for steaming and up to $5 to sew, clean or polish.  Charges will be deducted from consignor's account.  

There will be a $5 early termination fee for item(s) requested to be pulled prior to expiration date.  


Lucky Finds Boutique, LTD is not responsible for loss by theft, fire, water, customer handling or any other cause to merchandise.  LFB reserves the right to amend or replace contract guidelines and conditions at any time.  LFB has the right to terminate the consignment agreement at any time and return all unsold merchandise to the consignor.  

The consignor is the rightful owner of the merchandise consigned to Lucky Finds Boutique, LTD and have the legal right to enter into this agreement.